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4-Signs-That-a-Bankruptcy-Attorney-Should-Not-be-TrustedUnfortunately, not every bankruptcy attorney can be trusted. From overcharging for services to only doing half of the work, there are instances where a bankruptcy attorney is doing more harm to your financial situation than good.

Given the impact that bankruptcy has on your future, you always want to find the best possible candidate for the job.

Finding a trustworthy attorney doesn’t just make the bankruptcy process easier and less stressful, it has a major impact on the outcome of your bankruptcy, so you should always know what signs indicate that might not be trusted!

They Won’t Offer a Consultation in Person
Yes, bankruptcy attorneys tend to be very busy but that should never mean they can’t find time to meet with you in person to overlook the case. Offering a free consultation in person is a standard practice for any good bankruptcy attorney, so if they aren’t willing to do this then you may want to stay clear.

When a bankruptcy attorney can’t find the time to meet with you before the case as started, it’s not a good sign that they can be trusted to be there for you throughout the bankruptcy process. You always want an attorney with you every step of the way, not one that has no time for you.

Pressuring You into Hiring Them
Feel like an attorney is pressuring you too much to hire them on the spot? It’s a sign that you are dealing with the forceful salesmen tactic, which is an admiral sales method from retailers but the last thing you want from a bankruptcy attorney!

Never trust an attorney that is pressuring you to file immediately, as you can always afford a few days to think about who you are hiring. Whoever you hire will have a huge impact on your financial future, so never hire someone who’s main goal is to manipulate you into hiring them during such a stressful time.

No Malpractice Insurance
If the attorney does not have any malpractice insurance then you may want to avoid them. While this type of insurance tends to favor the lawyer when trying to get damages from negligent practices, it does indicate an overall level of competency that you want from a legal professional.

Poor Communication
Proper communication is an essential skill for any bankruptcy attorney. They are here to guide you through a legal minefield, with all sorts of important information and documentation required on your part.

From changes in court dates to filing paperwork by a certain date, there’s a bevy of info that the attorney will need to relay to you throughout the bankruptcy process. So if you’re noticing a lack of communication from the offset, this is a big warning flag that they can’t be trusted to adequately handle your case.

Look for daily updates, detailed information on what you need to provide them, and an open line of communication so you can always get in contact with them if needed.

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