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4 Differences a Good Attorney Can Make When You File for BankruptcyWhen filing for bankruptcy an individual can hire an attorney to represent them throughout the process. In many cases you may not need a bankruptcy attorney, especially if the bankruptcy process is relatively straight-forward. You may even save a lot of money in fees by representing yourself.

However, most personal bankruptcies are a complex process, especially when doing so for the first time, in which case hiring a good attorney is recommended. In fact, having professional representation could make a huge difference throughout the bankruptcy process, offering clients a range of benefits they may not fully realize.

Here are 4 differences a good attorney can make when you file for bankruptcy:

Expert Advice
With a good bankruptcy attorney, you immediately have access to expert advice that would otherwise evade you.

From helping you understand the bankruptcy process to suggesting the appropriate bankruptcy to file under, an attorney offers invaluable advice that can make a huge difference throughout the process.

Knowing which bankruptcy to file under can be very difficult as there are significant differences to each process, so you’ll need to ensure you select the option that is best for your financial situation. An attorney can do just that, using information about your debt, assets, and incomes to make an informed decision.

Professional Representation
Not everyone realizes how much back and forth is involved when filing for bankruptcy. Creditors frequently negotiate with the debtor while there are multiple court hearings, so having an attorney offer professional representation makes a massive difference during these negotiations.

They can prepare and handle all communication requirements on your behalf, negotiating payment terms, collateral value, interest rates etc. The outcome of these negotiations is more likely to be in your favor when using a good attorney – they may even manage to help keep your house or car.

It may also help avoid unsavory tactics during your filing. For example, if creditors violate an automatic stay, then your attorney can halt the process and demand they comply with the ruling.

Most of this won’t be possible without a good attorney!

Dealing with Paperwork
As you may imagine, there is a lot paperwork involved with filing for bankruptcy, so by hiring a good attorney you ensure all of this is taken care of. You’re providing a lot financial data that needs to be fully up to date, error free, and 100% above board.

Remember, when providing info on your income, assets, and debts, you must disclose the correct information or risk being charged with perjury. An attorney will make sure all paperwork is in good standing and know exactly what you must disclose.

Guide You Through the Process
Filing for bankruptcy is rarely a straight-forward process – it lasts several years and will involve a lot of work on your behalf. A good attorney can help guide you through each stage of a bankruptcy case, helping prepare before filing, during the case, and once you exit bankruptcy.

They will let you know what to expect, what the roles are for each person involved in the case (e.g. trustees, creditors, the judge), what your rights are, and what you need to do to qualify for a discharge of debt.

Most of this is guesswork without an attorney and can result in a highly stressful experience where you don’t get the best outcome you could have gotten.

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