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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Attorney to File Bankruptcy Instead of Doing It Yourself

hire-an-attorney-for-bankruptcyFiling for bankruptcy can be a quite intimidating and scary experience. This legal process involves both state and federal laws, as well as various matters ranging from the simple to the complicated. That’s why it is recommended that you hire the services of an expert bankruptcy lawyer who can walk you through every step and make sure that this nerve-wracking process is resolved without any issues.

Following are 6 reasons why you should hire an attorney to file bankruptcy instead of doing it yourself:

1. Assessment of Your Financial Situation

Your bankruptcy lawyer can extensively examine your finances. A good attorney will take his/her time to review your current financial situation and offer advice as to the best available option for you to take. Furthermore, you will also receive a detailed description of your responsibilities and rights should you decide to file.

2. Guidance Through the Complicated Legal Maze

Navigating through the complicated legal maze of regulations and codes can be quite overwhelming. Your bankruptcy lawyer will explain all regulations that affect your specific case as well as guide you through all steps of the filing process.

3. Assurance That Your Petition is Error-Free

Filing a bankruptcy petition involves a tremendous amount of paperwork. It is important that the final petition has a record of all things related to your financial matters. An attorney will ensure that all the necessary information is listed in the proper place in your petition. It is important to know that a fraud in filing can constitute a felony as all cases are inspected by the U.S. Department of Justice. Obviously, you want to make sure that your petition is as precise and accurate as possible.

4. Protection from Creditors

By hiring a bankruptcy attorney, you won’t have to cope with harassment from your creditors (e.g., collection agencies, debt collectors, etc.). A good attorney will instruct you on what creditor behavior is described as ‘abusive’ by the governing rules as well as clarify your rights through the filing process.

5. Offer Counsel

When you hire someone who knows the process, laws, and rules involving the matter, he/she will help you avoid future problems. He/she will also help you make important decisions about settling your debts as quickly as possible and as much as possible. You can count on your attorney to give you the best legal counsel you need to make important decisions and feel good about your choices.

6. Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is one of the best reasons for hiring a lawyer before going into bankruptcy proceedings. You cannot do everything yourself. Hiring a lawyer saves you headaches, money, and time.

Bankruptcy is a complex legal matter and you should not go into this legal process blindly. Not having an attorney to represent your best interests or give you expert advice may just add to the anxiety and fear you already feel. The guidance, advice, and support an attorney can offer is invaluable.

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