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Overwhelming Debt is Responsible for Causing These 4 Other Problems in LifeDebt affects millions of people across the world. While a common financial situation for many, there are instances where debt accumulates to the point where it is no longer manageable, instead overwhelming the individual with all kinds of problems.

Yet not all these problems are financial. As the financial hardship from living with excessive debt wasn’t tough enough, most people dealing with debt also face significant personal problems that make life so much more challenging.

Here are 4 problems in life that can be directly caused by overwhelming personal debt:


Perhaps the most obvious problem caused by high debt is stress. In fact, even moderate or minor debt is stress inducing for most people, so it’s understandable how serious stress becomes when living with mountains of debt.

Stress is a mental health problem that was previously overlooked, but the serious health risks caused by stress have become much clearer in modern times. From impacting your physical health to deteriorating your overall mental well-being, symptoms of debt-related stress take their toll on both the mind and body.

This is usually the main driving force behind various other personal problems caused by debt, as it’s impossible to stop worrying about your financial situation and what it means for your future.


Another prominent mental illness that can be caused by extreme debt, suffering from depression is an incredibly difficult experience for anyone living with the illness. Feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, and hopelessness caused by the debt often build into a state of depression that has a crippling effect on one’s life.

The negative symptoms of depression are horrific to live with, from continuous feelings of sadness and helplessness to developing a lack of motivation and losing interest in things you once cared for. Unsurprisingly, people living with depression usually struggle to escape their debt due to the serious impact it has on their mental and physical health.


Anyone living with debt is understandably anxious about their situation. The fear of not knowing how to deal with the debt, how you’re going to pay for it, and what other ramifications it may cause (such as losing your home) typically lead to serious anxiety.

We’ve all suffered some form of anxiety in our lives, yet people with debt often deal with anxiety every waking moment. It leads to feelings of worry and unease, even developing into physical symptoms like increased heart rate, hyperventilation and anxiety attacks.

In fact, the simple thought of the debt often causes severe anxiety symptoms, which in turn can have negative affects on the mind and body, such as headaches, stomach problems, reduced sex drive, fatigue, irritability, and depression.

Strained Relationships

People that are dealing with debt can often take their frustrations out on each other, leading to many marriages and relationships to become strained, often to the point of ending. When two people are living with debt, they can become very withdrawn from each other and/or constantly argue with each other.

This doesn’t just apply to married couples and people in long-term relationships. Debt can cause issues between friends, family, co-workers and almost anyone you’re close with. Because debt causes various emotional problems, it makes managing your relationships even more challenging.

You focus less on other people and being a good friend or partner by focusing entirely on your debt and all the turmoil it brings. Losing a close friendship or marriage due to debt is a terrible yet unfortunately common experience.

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