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5 Reasons To Consult A Bankruptcy Attorney Instead Of Doing It Yourself Or Using Just A Paralegal Or Document Preparation Service.

5-reasons-to-consult-a-bankruptcy-attorney-instead-of-doing-it-yourself-or-using-just-a-paralegal-or-document-preparation-serviceNobody wants to file for bankruptcy. To be in such financial hardship is a difficult process for anybody, but there are ways to make things easier, with one of the most common recommendations being to consult a bankruptcy attorney.

Many people make the mistake of never consulting with a specialist attorney during the bankruptcy process. Some people simply go through the entire process themselves, while others attempt to cut costs by simply using a paralegal or document preparation service.

While it’s easy to want to avoid additional expenses, you stand to gain invaluable information and guidance by someone that knows bankruptcy inside out. Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons to consult a bankrupt attorney:

1. Assessment of finances

A bankruptcy attorney has extensive experience reviewing personal finances, and it’s one of the most valuable services available. The lawyer will take the time to meticulously analyze your current financial situation, making personal recommendations based on what they find.

As a result, you have a clear picture of your current financial situation and understand what steps must be taken to rectify it, whether that’s filing for bankruptcy or not.

2. Personal guidance

Even if you just want to understand your options before filing for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy attorney is able to offer personal guidance on the steps to take, including what regulations and codes apply to your current situation.

If you need to file for bankruptcy, they’ll talk you through the process in a simple manner, letting you know exactly what’s needed of you and what to expect going forward.

3. An Error-Free Petition

Filing for bankruptcy is far from simple, and while it’s possible to file the petition yourself, it doesn’t guarantee it being free from errors. However, if you consult with a bankruptcy attorney, you get the peace of mind knowing the petition is completed without any errors.

The petition you file requires a massive record of all your finances, which is easy to get wrong, so an attorney can keep you straight throughout the process.

They’ll let you know exactly what information to include on your petition, while avoiding possible legal repercussions from a petition with fraudulent information.

4. Advice on dealing with creditors

Dealing with creditors is one of the scariest parts of financial hardship. Having debt collectors constantly harass you is incredibly stressful, but a bankruptcy attorney offers a degree of protection from creditors.

For instance, they can advise you on what type of behavior is considered legal and what is harassment. You’ll know your rights when dealing with a creditor and can avoid unnecessary stress from being wrongfully harassed.

5. Peace of mind

A bankruptcy attorney offers peace of mind that’s otherwise impossible to find during the bankruptcy process. While many believe it’s possible to do the entire process yourself, it’s far too much for someone to go through without any help, which is why you should always get some degree of assistance from a lawyer.

This ensures that even if you need to declare bankruptcy, you have saved yourself time, money, and lots of stress by getting the help of an expert attorney.

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