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3 Important People to Talk to When Considering Filing for Bankruptcy

3-important-people-talk-considering-filing-bankruptcyBankruptcy can be a nerve-wracking process, especially when you try to do it all alone. You can make the process easier by seeking professional help during and after the difficulty of declaring bankruptcy. There are many types of important people to talk to when facing bankruptcy. You can hire a bankruptcy attorney, figure out a debt relief plan with a local consumer credit counseling service, or talk to banks and creditors in order to see if an arrangement can be made even after filing for bankruptcy.

Following are 3 important people to talk to when considering filing for bankruptcy:

1. Bankruptcy Attorney

The most important person you should talk to when filing for bankruptcy is a bankruptcy attorney. He/she will help relieve some stress by working with you to move forward. The attorney will explain your rights and help you prevent any kind of harassment by creditors. It is recommended that you hire a bankruptcy attorney who has years of experience and a good reputation, and who knows the bankruptcy laws in your state. Instead of trying to fight the bank and creditors by yourself, it is better to have somebody on your side who knows what they are doing.

2. Consumer Credit Counseling

Consider acquiring the services of consumer credit counseling when filing for bankruptcy. In most cases, you can eliminate your debt and take control of your finances if you take the help of your local consumer credit counseling service.  This service is meant for individuals who need immediate help to avoid bankruptcy. It will help you understand your credit situation and will also teach you the life-long money management skills to tackle bankruptcy in the future.

3. Banks and Creditors

Most individuals don’t realize the importance of talking to their bank and bill collectors in order to try to figure out a way to pay back their debts. Especially during bankruptcy, most banks and creditors are willing to work with you. Often, people are afraid to talk to the bank or creditors, that’s why this option is the least popular. But it is recommended that you at least try and if it doesn’t work out for you, then call a bankruptcy attorney, who may be able to assist in dealing with banks and creditors.


In conclusion, it is very important for individuals to realize that they have multiple options when facing bankruptcy. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney is probably the most popular option as he/she will defend and explain your rights and will also ensure you are not alone in the bankruptcy process. On the other hand, the consumer credit counseling service would prove valuable in helping you plan to move forward after declaring bankruptcy. Finally, when filing for bankruptcy, talking to the bank and the creditors may help you achieve desirable results. In short, acquiring help when filing for bankruptcy will allow you to relieve a lot of stress during a difficult time in your life.

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